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Sheet graph
"Sheet" by Hassan Sedaghat.
Star graph
"Star" by Hassan Sedaghat.
Paper Lantern graph
"Paper Lantern".
Goblet graph
"Goblet" by David Sjöstrand.
Donut graph
"Donut" by Joyce Glynn.
Car Hood graph
"Car Hood" by Neil Hebert.
Onion movie
"Onion" (movie) by Jerry Glynn.
Carved ellipsoid graph
"Carved Ellipsoid" by Hassan Sedaghat.
Dumbbells graph
"Dumbbells" by Hassan Sedaghat.
Molecule graph
"Molecule" by Hassan Sedaghat.
Cup in Saddle graph
"Cup in Saddle" by Joyce Glynn.
"Tornado" (movie) by David Parker.
Beating heart graph
"Beating Heart" (movie) by Hassan Sedaghat.
Surprise in a Box
"Surprise in a Box" by Hassan Sedaghat.
Ice Cream for Kids
"Мороженное для детей" by Сергей Жданов ("Ice Cream for Kids" by Sergei Zhdanov).
Cone and Plane movie
"Cone and Plane" (movie) by Ben Levy.
Tsunami graph
"Tsunami at the Shore Simulation" (movie) by Сергей Бирюков (Sergei Biryukov).
Paddlewheel graph
"Paddlewheel" by Hassan Sedaghat. Use the arrow keys to spin it.
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